More medical services could soon be available to residents in Pike County.

Dingman Township supervisors just approved plans to build a medical facility along route 739.

But it won’t be only medical offices that will be occupying the 260 acres of property.

There will also be assisted living apartments and shops in the same complex. Pike County has a large senior population along with a lack of medical services. Supervisors call the center an ideal fit for the area.

Pike EDA Director, Mike Sullivan labels Pike County desperate for more medical services.

“In the center of our county, there is nothing.”

Most residents are forced to travel long distances to receive proper medical care.

“And the more serious the issue is the further they will go.” says Sullivan.

But Dingman Township supervisors are working to address the shortage.

“We’ve been trying to fix this problem for more than 20 years”

Tom Mincer just approved plans to build a medical facility along route 739.

“When we heard that it was going medical facilities we thought it was important to move forward with this project.”

Dingman Town Center will include doctor’s offices, diagnostic center, and assisted living apartments for seniors.

“When you mix together the fact there can be housing for seniors and a medical facility with doctors offices within short distance it seemed to be the perfect fit.”

Legend properties also wants to build shops on the 260 acres of property. The developer has discussed adding a pharmacy, deli and small grocery store.

“They are trying to key in on things that match up with the rest, which makes perfect sense.”

Mincer points out the benefits for seniors, who can do their shopping and find medical care all within walking distance.

“Its really just something that is beneficial for the entire community.”

And for Sullivan, the complex not only satisfies major needs, but opens the door for plenty more job opportunities as well.

“I expect if things keep going the way they are going, no one in Pike County will have trouble finding a job.”

Mincer says the plan is to develop the property in phases. He estimates the project will take five years to complete.