Join the best team in commercial real estate! Become a Legend!  We have many career opportunities available.
Legend is actively hiring sales positions in all offices.

The following positions are available:

  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Agent
  • Trainee Agent


Contact: Phone: 610-941-4034

Top ten reasons to join Legend Properties
  1. Leadership – The senior management of Legend Properties has been running a brokerage company since 1980. This 28 year background enables Legend Properties to provide strong leadership with a “been there done that” business experience. We have the advantage of someone at the helm with the experience to channel the company through ups and downs in the economy, the ability to assist new agents with techniques to closing transactions, vast contacts with the ownership and retail community and an ability to delegate fair play in inter-agent commission negotiations. This type of seasoned leadership is a dominant strength of the company over its competition.
  2. Management – Legend Properties has developed a tremendous management team over the last 10 years. Most of this management strength has come from individuals who have grown with the company, starting at the agent level and working up the ladder. Legend has empowered its management team to be involved in the company and make contributions to its growth. The management group is made up of hands-on producers who are active with our sales force in making commissions and assisting them in their own business as well as mentoring new “trainees.” The management group believes in strong communication with their sales force by working with their teams in local meetings and with other managers via inter-office management communication channels. Our management team also oversees office operations with the help of our excellent support staff.
  3. Our reputation and market share – Legend Properties is known as one of the dominant commercial real estate companies in the Philadelphia area. We have a very strong reputation in the tri-state area as an experienced, aggressive and talented brokerage company. Since we have been in business in 1990 we are not new to the real estate community. The firm enjoys a significant market share in the retail brokerage business and is executing a strategy that is giving the company a serious edge on our competition to further develop the company’s business.
  4. Full Service Real Estate – Legend Properties is a full service commercial real estate company specializing in retail leasing, tenant representation, commercial land and building sales, investment real estate, property management and development consulting. The ability to offer this full arsenal of services provides the Legend agent the ability to network with a team that has wide range real estate capabilities.
  5. Geographic coverage – One of the greatest strengths of our company is its strong geographic coverage. We are different from our competition in that we operate multiple offices. The reason for this is that we want to be close to our listing business and to enhance our tenant representation services by being close to the markets we want to know well. Our office structure allows us the ability to blanket an area with listings and create a tremendous “corporate branding effect”. All Legend offices send leads to one another thus giving an agent the ability to cover a much broader area and earn co-brokerage referrals or commissions. Legend prides itself in its ability to cover not only eastern Pennsylvania but deep into the central Pennsylvania trade areas. We also have great market knowledge in South Jersey, including coverage along the Jersey shore and up into Central Jersey. Our geographic coverage enables Legend agents to make more commission dollars in more places.
  6. Teamwork – Not typical to all real estate companies, Legend Properties strives to achieve and believes in teamwork. Our agents network to earn commissions and to achieve positive results for our clients. The firm wholeheartedly believes in this approach. Our agents work together on assignments, refer leads to one another, and most importantly enjoy each others company. To be a Legend agent is to be a team player. In a teamwork approach individual agents win, the company wins and our clients win.
  7. Commission structure and company support – Legend Properties has a very attractive commission structure which allows agents to start out at the typical 50/50 commission split and then ramp-up to an aggressive 70/30 agent-favored split. The company also has structured several incentives based on sales achievements and earning reimbursements on agent costs. Legend’s philosophy on its commission splits is that it will be extremely competitive with companies of equal or larger size. While the company cannot compete with boutique firms, who offer higher splits but have no overhead, Legend’s business structure does not have the excessive fat overhead that many of the larger company’s have which forces them to have huge breakeven gross commission splits before a non 50/50 commences. More importantly are the services Legend provides to its agents. Legend Properties believes in “fire power” assistance to its sales force. The company strives to give a support system to the agents so that they can go out and earn the highest possible commissions. This support includes an excellent corporate support system of operations, marketing and accounting functions, a great administrative team, a tremendous marketing department, ICSC participation, communication channels and an extremely supportive management program. The company has developed a tremendous agent mentoring program that helps new agents get started and who in turn help senior agents make more money. Legend goes the distance in supporting its sales team.
  8. Administrative staff – We call Legend’s administrative staff our “unsung heroes”. Legend’s staff is hard-working, creative, high spirited and is the backbone of the company. Our staff understands the needs of the agents who are on the front-line and gives them the professional support needed to get the business done.
  9. Growth – Legend Properties is a company where someone can come in and go straight to the top. Legend believes in creating opportunities for those people who are loyal, committed and dedicated to its cause. Our company has now developed a spirit of opportunity from everyone and it doesn’t matter what your last name is or how long you have been around. The company has a “share the wealth” philosophy. Legend has put together a profit sharing and an equity plan to share its prosperity.
  10. Culture – Perhaps the most special attribute of Legend Properties is its culture. The firm started as a small family business in 1990. Four brothers, one sister, a couple of loyal dedicated people stuck-by one man throughout a difficult times and showed the Philadelphia real estate community what family unity can do to pull-through tough times. The company grew and grew and ten years later it entered into a business plan that revolutionized the company. Legend has maintained its family values which are felt throughout the entire company. Trust, loyalty, dedication and commitment are qualities that make up who we are. We pride ourselves in saying that Legend is now a large family that has grown from that closely knit group of Legend-vintage 1990 to today’s market share leaders. Legend is a family of many, many loyal people who all believe in working together to take this company to the highest level possible.