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Inner city leasing experience… street smart & knowledgeable, We understand city retail dynamics! Legend Hustles!

Legend Properties, Inc. is very active in the leasing of retail/commercial space in urban areas.

Across the country, retailers are refocusing their efforts to come back to the inner city’s populated districts. Legend has been the forerunner of this movement in Philadelphia and other nearby urban areas such as Chester, PA and Trenton and Camden, New Jersey. Legend’s team consists of experienced personnel who not only know the geographic areas of the city but are also “street smart” to know what makes things click with urban retail. Our sensitive approach to working in the inner city allows Legend Properties, Inc. to develop win-win objectives with the retailer, buyer, property owner and neighborhood interests.

The firm has successfully represented various community groups and Central Business Districts associations.

Legend believes in the retail “energy” of the urban markets and continues to see a strong promise of new and exciting inner-city opportunities in the future for both the retail user and property owners.

  • Tashan Indian Cuisine – 777 South Broad Street, Philadelphia
  • Han Dynasty – 3711 Market Street, Philadelphia
  • Corner Bakery – 7th Street & JFK Blvd, Philadelphia
  • TD Bank – 39 Market Street – Philadelphia
  • AT&T Wireless – 17th & JFK Blvd, Philadelphia
  • Hand & Stone Spa – The Aria Condominiums, Philadelphia
  • T-mobile – 777 South Broad Street, Philadelphia


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