Tenacious… Persistent… Aggressive…Our brokers get to the great sites first!  Legend strength!

Hospitality brokerage is a very specialized field of tenant representation.

A good restaurant and hotel broker needs to be tenacious, persistent, and aggressive. The competition for prime sites is incredibly intense.

Legend prides itself on putting sites in front of many hotel and restaurant chains as soon as they are put on the market. A prime site is gone sometimes before the ink is dry, therefore, the hospitality tenant rep needs to be in front of the owner from the very beginning.

We know all the hot restaurant corridors, who’s doing business and where the growth areas for new sites will be.

We know market values and we negotiate hard for our clients in order to get the best possible economics. Our reputation with ownership is second to none in the region, allowing us to get the attention of the decision maker.

We deliver first class marketing materials to our clients, allowing them to review the most recent traffic counts, aerial photographs, demographics, competition maps and other valuable information they may need to correctly evaluate a site.

For years Legend has done more hospitality brokerage than any other firm in the Philadelphia area, and we will continue to be the number one restaurant brokerage firm in the region!

6 reasons to hire Legend’s Hospitality Division to find you the 100% site or sell your restaurant or hotel property:
  1. We will complete a full analysis of your site criteria and develop a master expansion strategy.
  2. Legend’s Hospitality agents pride themselves in the statement, “no site left behind,” as our 100% coverage of opportunities is incredible.
  3. If it’s about marketing a site for sale or lease, Legend’s team will develop an attack plan that will put the site in front of hundreds of prospects – professionally and aggressively.
  4. We are skilled negotiators. Team Legend is committed to finding our client the best possible site at the best possible economics.
  5. We will prepare, at our expense, a marketing package including aerials, competition maps, demographics, and traffic counts. This in-depth information enables our clients to better analyze the sales potential of a particular location.
  6. Legend is all about teamwork. We provide you with an experienced agent as a single point of contact, but you will have the entire Hospitality Division and the Company at large supporting the success of your representation. We provide our clients with the best service!

We are Legends Hospitality Division!   Contact us today! Phone: 610-941-4034