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Legend focuses on Central Business Development… Manayunk, West Chester and Phoenixville are Legendized!!!

The revitalization of Central Business Districts has been emerging for years. Not only does the economy change, but also the lifestlye of many. The core population prefers to live, work and play within their own neighborhoods.

For the past 10 years Legend Properties, Inc. has worked with various downtown areas, successfully assisting them with their re-birth via consulting, planning, negotiating, leasing, and tenant structuring.

Some of these areas include several neighborhood and downtown areas of Philadelphia, Chester, Bethlehem, West Chester, Phoenixville, Downington, PA and Camden, Vineland and Salem NJ. Forming a Central Business District Division only seemed natural for Legend Properties, Inc. This is a niche market.

Continuing to focus and produce in the areas mentioned above, we have also extended our talents to many other districts in the Tri-State area. The need is there for quality leasing, coordination and consultation.

Legend Agents are professionals who care about the CBD and understand the demographics, politics, zoning and full potential of “Main Street.” Put us at the forefront of your CBD opportunity and allow us to make positive achievements!

6 reasons to hire Legend’s CBD Division to market, sell, or lease your CBD Property. . .
  1. We are experienced at doing business in CBD areas. Our successful track record of retail development in West Chester, Phoenixville, Manayunk and other Philadelphia neighborhoods is second to none.
  2. We have the pulse of national companies that will lease in a downtown retail environment. Legend does a great job presenting the best attributes of a neighborhood trade area.
  3. We are creative in attracting specialty boutique retail stores that bring great character and energy to the central business district.
  4. We are pros at bringing chain & independent brew pubs, dinner houses, and family restaurants to “Main Steet.” Activity is the catalyst to a Central Business District coming alive – where there are restaurants there are patrons walking “Main Street”… Here comes the retail!
  5. We partner with local government, main street organizations, and community development groups to strategize thoughts and feasibility studies on how retail can be “reborn” in a CBD area. Legend’s key members have a strong development background and can lend this talent to make substantial development recommendations in a Central Business District.
  6. We believe in the reemergence of the central business district. The Legend CBD Specialty Division members are passionate about making retail in a CBD Main street area the center part of community shopping and entertainment.

  • Iron Hill Brewery – West Chester, PA
  • Iron Hill Brewery – Phoenixville, PA
  • Ryan’s Pub – Phoenixville, PA
  • Colonial Theater – Phoenixville, PA

We are Legend’s Central Business District Division!
Contact us today! Phone: 610-941-4034