Attention to Detail… Knowledge of Bricks & Mortar… A hands-on property management approah to Maximize Asset Value… Legend Dominates

Legend Management Services LLC, a closely held division of Legend Properties Inc., offers its clients “hands on” property management services. Professionals with over 25 years experience handle all facets of the management of your property.

With knowledge of brick and mortar construction, financial management and tenant diplomacy, your operating costs will be held down to a minimum and the value of your asset increased.

The formula for successful property management is attention to detail plus personalized care given to your property and tenants. We get to know your tenants and their businesses. Constant tenant contact and on-site presence greatly reduce tenant calls and complaints.

We are able to evaluate the property in terms of operating income, forecast its potential for the future and construct a management plan that reflects the owner’s objectives while remaining flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market.

Legend Management recognizes the most important quality it can offer its clients is service, with a firm dedication to completing the task at hand, responsiveness to ownership and a commitment to excellence. Legend will strive to build a trusting relationship based upon a full understanding and appreciation of the fiduciary relationship the firm has with its clients.

Offering Full Service Property Management

  • Monthly Operating Report
  • Rent Collections
  • Annual CAM Reconciliation
  • Budget Analysis & Formation

Property Management

  • Tenant/Owner Relations
  • Property Assessment with Risk Analysis
  • Routine Site Visits

Property Maintenance

  • Lease Negotiations
  • Construction Services
  • Construction Build-Out
  • Site Renovations


  • Advertising
  • Event Coordination

Village at Taunton Forge – Medford, NJ
Bartonsville Plaza – Bartonsville, PA
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